Self-Storage Management

Selecting a management team for your investment is one of the most important decisions you can make. You need someone with experience in the industry, who understands and can provide the answers you need. After years in the industry, the team at Storage Consulting Pros knows how to manage self-storage facilities efficiently and profitably and we understand what an owner manager is looking for from a self-storage management firm. If you need help in overcoming the day-to-day hurdles of managing your self-storage business, call the team from Storage Consulting Pros and find out the ways they can help.

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Self-Storage Investing

Self-storage can meet a variety of investment goals by offering the ability to quickly produce high investment returns with minimal risk, while choosing your desired level of involvement. Nearly every investment involves risk and with self-storage, the main risk is getting your facility to successfully achieve a stabilized level of occupancy. From building to managing, the investor needs an expert by his side to ensure profitability. Storage Consulting Pros can help guide you through the process from concept to completion to a profitable investment. Before your next investment, call Storage Consulting Pros for their expert guidance.

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Are thinking about launching a self-storage project and have questions about zoning, building layout, unit mix, or advice on how to get started? Do you have an established business and have questions about ways to increase your profit? From the new owner to veteran investor, Ken has the experience to help guide you to your company’s success. Check out the headlines from his blog below or feel free to ask Ken your question by clicking the link. Ken will be happy to help!

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Self-storage is an industry that has it’s own language, operations and rules. If you are interested in getting started or are an experienced owner, then you know when you need help, you need to go to an expert. Either way, Storage Consulting Pros is here to answer your questions regarding investing in and operating a self-storage facility. Founded by Kenneth Carlough, a respected industry expert, Storage Consulting Pros offers management and consulting services on your terms. You choose which services, as little or as much, you need most. With experience from the ground up – from site inspections, design and construction management to hiring, training, accounting and marketing – the team at Storage Consulting Pros has the expertise and dedication to help you succeed.

Do you have questions about the self-storage industry? Check out Ken’s blog or click the link to ask Ken a question. We are here to help.

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